barre The BARRE Company, located in Clairac (Lot-et-Garonne), was founded in 1991 by two brothers, Andrew and Felix BARRE. Now with 25 employees, the company has diversified itself over the years, from R&D to manufacturing. It holds thirty patents and has specialized in the manufacturing of agricultural structures: greenhouses, tunnel cultures, stabling buildings, tobacco dryers, weather shelters for arboriculture, and storage shelters.

Copyright : Guillaume BARRE/Ets BARRE

Copyright : Guillaume BARRE/BARRE Company

The business started by making small shelters for growing strawberries, as well as lightweight greenhouses and tobacco dryers. It then expanded its product line by creating tunnels and multi-tunnels that were more and more solid and effective, in addition to livestock buildings and other needs of farmers.


Above all a family business, it is headed by Mr. Felix Barre, President, and Mr. André Barre, Sales and Development Director. With over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of greenhouses, tunnels, farm workshops, etc., it continues to expand its range of products in different branches such as arboriculture, the phytosanitary sector, and photovoltaic tobacco dryers.


It is in collaboration with the CEA/LBC that this company has developed and manufactured effluent treatment basins by non-aerated lagooning. A complete treatment plant has thus been set up on a local farm, which served as a pilot in the treatment process that is the subject of the LIFE-PHYTOBARRE project.


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