logo La PugèreThe experimental arboricultural station “La Pugère” (PACA) is an experimental crop station, with a SICA (société d’intérêt collectif agricole) legal status. It is located in the town of Mallemort (Bouches-du-Rhône department) on an area of 17 hectares.





Companies labeled as SICA (with collective agricultural interests) aim to create or manage facilities and equipment. Another aim is to provide services in the interests of farmers or (more generally) the inhabitants of the region with no professional distinction.

Copyright : Isabelle RICAVY/ La Pugère

Copyright : Isabelle RICAVY/ La Pugère
Visit of an apple trial by farmers

The goal of the SICA “La Pugère” is to carry out an experimental program and the application of techniques specific to improving apple, pear and plum crops. “La Pugère” belongs to the network of regional experimental stations that work with fruits and vegetables, whose mission is to establish the interface between research and the farming profession.


LA PUGÈRE benefits from an excellent technical environment, through its close links with local economic players and technical partners. La Pugère is open to the whole profession, welcoming and providing multiple services to arboriculturists and technical advisors of the region. With a meeting room and their documentation, LA PUGÈRE is a true place of meeting, exchange and coordination. One of its missions is to improve crop techniques for producing a healthy quality fruit, while limiting the environmental impacts. As defined in its program of action, La Pugère has always wanted to improve its practices while making them more responsible, for example by having an exemplary approach in water management and wastes (boiled remnants of phytosanitary products). The combination of protecting orchard health and the respect of the ecosystem fits perfectly within the framework of the LIFE-PHYTOBARRE project.



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