The Louis Giraud agricultural teaching campus is located in Carpentras, in the hamlet of Serres (Vaucluse, France). It brings together the high school, the CFA1 (UFA2), the CFPPA3, and a farm. Jérôme BURQ is director of the Louis Giraud campus, Juliette LEJEUNE is the director of the Vaucluse CFPPA as well as the CFA, and Isabelle PÈLEGRIN is the director of the farm.   This farm is located at an elevation of 85 meters above sea level. It is spread over an area of 38 hectares, 35 of which are cultivated mainly with apple, cherry and apricot trees, in addition to table grapes and wine grapes.  

  1. CFA: Centre de Formation d’Apprentis (center for apprentice training)
  2. UFA: Unité de Formation d’Apprentis (apprentice training unit)
  3. CFPPA: Centre de Formation Professionnelle et de Promotion Agricole (center for professional training and agricultural promotion)


Campus Louis GIRAUD
Hameau de Serres,
310 Chemin Hermitage,
84200 Carpentras
Tel : + 33 (0)4 90 60 80 80


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