lesa-logos-article150pxThe Laboratoire d’Etudes en Sciences des Arts (LESA) includes all artistic fields at Aix-Marseille University (AMU). It is attached to the UFR ALLSHS (arts, literature, languages, humanities and social sciences). The laboratory is also dedicated to specialized work by discipline (plastic arts and science of art, film, theater, music and science of music, and cultural mediation) as well as transversal projects emphasizing common problems in the science of art, humanities and social sciences.

Copyright : Camille ESCOFFIER/ CEA Equipe du LESA en tournage

Copyright : Camille ESCOFFIER/ CEA
A LESA team during filming

This last theme is reflected in documentary film productions about work: the study of cinematographic strategies in the documentary approach and analysis of work situations.


Since 1997, the laboratory has been developing a thematic focus centered on the filmed activity of work, in partnership with several French companies: Eurocopter, La Poste, the Luberon Regional Natural Park, and the Conseil Général of the Bouches-du-Rhône. Today, the work of LESA mobilizes around ten researchers and PhD students on issues as varied as: internal mobility and the transfer of experience at Eurocopter (2004/2011); skills and know-how at La Poste (1997/2008); the role of park wardens among the local population of the Luberon Regional Natural Park (2008/2011); parenthood links in host families at the Conseil Général 13 (2011/2015); the establishment of the first AMAP (an association for maintaining small-scale agriculture) in PACA; short distribution chains in organic farming; and land pressures in semi-urban areas.


Each film is created by pairs of filmmakers/social scientists, who aim to question the functioning of our organized society and also try to find solutions for the film’s participants that are adapted to their problems


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