Inaugural Visit to the GAEC Les Oliviers

The 30th of April 2015, the Phytobarre demonstrator located in the GAEC “Les Oliviers” (Lurs) was inaugurated. More than 40 persons belonging to the Alpes de Haute Provence agricultural community have discovered the new process of phytosanitary waste treatment as well as the Life-Phytobarre project presented by the coordinator, Daniel GARCIA and the project manager Camille ESCOFFIER.

Vue des bassins lors de la visite inaugurale du démonstrateur Phytobarre de Lurs

Copyright: Monique SABATY/CEA
Lurs Phytobarre demonstrator inauguration

The audience was composed, among others, the President of the Chamber of Agriculture of the Alpes de Haute Provence, presidents, administrators and members of several agricultural cooperatives: “Coop Haute Provence Plein Champ”, “Coop blé de la région de Forcalquier”, the “Groupement Provence Service (GPS)”. Several elected officials have honored us with their presence: the Mayor of Lurs, his first deputy and councillor, Mayor of Corbières, county councilor, as well as neighboring farmers. Technicians from various regional distributors of products for the agriculture, Mille et Fils Ets, Ets Prodia, Alpesud, were also present. This inauguration has resulted in the publication of an article in the newspaper “L’espace Alpin” No. 258 of May 8, 2015.

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RDV Terralia

This event takes place April 23, 2015 and brings together the members of the cluster Terralia. It aims to bring together all members, to have an overview of approved projects and how Terralia can accompany towards innovation.

RDV Terralia, rencontre annuelle des adhérents

On this occasion the LIFE-PHYTOBARRE project is presented by Daniel Garcia, the coordinator of the project.

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The Institut Rhodanien is the experimental research center for vineyards and wines from the Rhone Valley. Giving value to technical references and distributing them is an essential mission of the institute. Each year, this commitment is realized as the organization of a scientific and technical conference known as the “Rencontres Rhodaniennes”.

The doors of the Institut Rhodanien are wide open to professionals from the Rhône Valley for this 17th edition of the Rencontres Rhodaniennes. The conference will be held on Thursday, April 2, 2015, from 8:30 to 17:00 on-site and at the Lycée Viticole in Orange.


The LIFE-PHYTOBARRE project is presented to visitors during this conference.


Rencontres Rhodaniennes

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journée rhodanienne

Copyright : Camille ESCOFFIER/CEA
LIFE-PHYTOBARRE at “Rencontres Rhodaniennes” 2015


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The results of the sociological survey on agricultural models and their perception concerning the PHYTOBARRE process are now available.

img Rapport_ActionC1C2

The PHYTOBARRE process represents a technical innovation above all, although it can also provide the medium for a more general discourse on the relationship of man to the environment. This sociological study focused on the agricultural sector, where its aim was to understand the context of the uses of phytopharmaceutical products at the local and national level. Regarding social representations, it also aims to reinsert the PHYTOBARRE within the agricultural community.

For more information: Sociological component.

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The plant production tradeshow SIVAL took place in Angers on January 13 – 15, 2015. The BARRE Company was at this event, where they presented the project.

Sival 2015

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